Floor Basket Arrestor

Floor Basket Arrestors significantly reduce the amount of solids (food debris or other foreign materials) entering our sewerage systems from commercial and industrial facilities.


Floor Basket Arrestors are also used in Car Wash Bay set ups to catch debris such as leaves and other foreign matter.

Floor Basket Arrestors are fabricated with a 7mm Iso-resin wall, HPR-800 Gun Rovings.


Construction: Heavy Duty Fibreglass which is lightweight and easy to manouvre


Supplied with:


  1. A Galvanised Drop-In-Grate
  2. A Stainless Steel Mesh Basket


Installation: Below Ground

Size Available

Floor Basket Arrestor

410mm x 410mm x 320mm high

(overall measurements)

650mm x 650mm x 280mm high

(overall measurements)

650mm x 650mm x 520mm high

(overall measurements)


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