Grease Arrestor Pump Stations

Sizes: Start at 90 litres and up to and including 3000 litres Other sizes available on request.


Construction of Heavy Duty Fibreglass Installation can be installed above ground and below ground with Lid Options:


a. Fibreglass for garden beds.
b. Light Duty Class B – Pedestrian trafficable gas tight.
c. Heavy Duty Class D – Cars, Trucks, Semi Trailers and Forklifts


If gravity fall is not obtainable Pump Stations are available in various sizes. If gravity fall is not obtainable on an below ground unit various sizes of Risers are available.


Examples of Uses:


Pumping waste water from industrial or commercial kitchen sink to the Grease Arrestor.


  • Vortex Pump available.
  • Single and Dual Pump Stations Available
  • Units come fully assembled by Aglass