Under Sink Pump Unit

Aglass Pty Ltd carries 3 alternative Under Sink Pump Out Units

Options available:

  • Heavy Duty Fibreglass – 90 litre capacity
  • Stainless Steel – 90 litre capacity
  • Polypropylene – 40 litre capacity

Standard features:

  • Vortex Pump – will handle 90o water for up to 3 minutes interval
  • Internal Pipe Work
  • Inlet, Outlet and Vent

Extra features available:

  • High Level Alarm
  • Water Stop Safety
  • Dishwasher Stop

Installation: Under Sink



Under sing Pump Out Chamber
90 litre
350mm x 405mm x 540mm high
Stainless Steel
90 litre
500mm x 400mm x 410mm high
40 litre
450mm x 310mm x 410mm high